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Friday, January 30, 2009

Go For It...Don't be afraid of your paint!

I love to look at the artwork of others. The different media, techniques, and styles. Being intrigued and thinking..."how did he/she get that effect" or "I wish I could do that". Well, don't be afraid to try it. I'm not saying go right out and try to copy some one's personal style...It won't work! I'm saying simply this...Experiment...Don't be afraid of your paint!
When I was younger I painted with watercolors. I hardly ever work in them now, but have learned to incorporate my watercolor techniques in my acrylic art. Whether it be through washes of wet on wet, to dropping alcohol on a painting...there are no hard rules that I can't because I'm working in acrylics! Don't be afraid to try it. Of course, you may want to practice first if you've never tried a new technique...get to know it a little, get familiar with the action and reaction of what you doing. It's OK to think (paint) "outside the box". But one word of advise...never...I mean NEVER...work on scrap! That experimental project your working on may just turn out to be a masterpiece when done!

So just go for it! If nothing else...I may give you a new appreciation of what you do and the way you do it. Have Fun!


  1. Karri... I totally agree!! I love trying something new - challenging myself!! Pulled out my clay the other day! Been years - lol! I've never been a "stay inside the lines" kinda person.

  2. I couldnt agree more, experiment, experiment!
    I used to paint like an impressionist with big hog hair brushes and lots of thick paint, later I tried to paint incredibly detailed and realistic like a photograph. I tried because I liked the look of it by other artists, but the styles were never for me. I think eventually we all find our own style of painting and we know when we are comfortable with it. You cant force it. I get more 'comfortable' each day but I know i have to develop, and I know I have a lot more to learn . So, we must keep experimenting and experimenting....
    and thats the fun bit isn't it!? :o)

  3. Good post, I agree! I'm always experimenting with new techniques...sometimes it doesn't work out but often it yields excellent results! I too use some watercolor techniques with my acrylic paint, like building up thin washes. Love your advise to never work on scrap, lol. Been there done that!

  4. Oh that alcohol technique sounds like fun! I might have to try that one! =D



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