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Monday, November 9, 2009

Buy Handmade- Support your local Artists!

Why buy handmade? As the giver of a handmade gift, you have supported an artist directly. Someone much like yourself, with bills to pay, family to feed and clothe. Artists and Craftsman that have spent many hours and their own resources to create pieces that you can share and be proud of. Pieces that no one else has...no mass made, imported, big business marketing! You can avoid the chain & department stores in favor of something of much more meaning and value. The recipient of the handmade gift receives something that is one-of-a-kind (OOAK), and made with love and care, attention that can not be matched by a machine. You and your gift recipient get the gratification of art and skill that is absent in the world of large-scale manufacturing. You may also find that buying handmade is environmentally a plus too. Many artists use recycled and green material to fashion wonderful fine art pieces.

From quilted to crocheted...painted or sculpted...felted or sewn...the possibilities are endless.

So here's a plug for Myself and my Fellow Artists & Friends...Buy Handmade This Christmas! Or Anytime!

Some of my favorite links are listed to the right....but there are soooo many more I need to list! On my list alone you can find art dolls & fairy folk, primitive cloth dolls, beautiful paintings, Halloween collectibles, folk art, Gothic girls...and more! There are links to artists groups I'm proud to be part of as well (BWBA, AHQU, ADSG, HA31). Check out ebay, etsy, or selling blogs! Click those links from our blogs...buy handmade!

Happy Holidays & Bright Wishes to All!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas - Winter Art Doll Fairy - Angel

My latest creation...OOAK (one of a kind) art doll winter fae. She stands 12 1/2 inches tall on her crackle painted base. She is hand sculpted from polymer clay. Dressed in burgandy satin, teal blue ribbon like yarn with matching tulle over skirt. She has soft dark blonde mohair locks that I fashioned into an updo and adorned with matching fabric, and beaded lace like embroidered fabric (like that on a wedding dress). Her sleeves are done in scrunched vintage blue velvet. She has a white rabbit fur muff on her hands that matches the fur on her head piece. Her wings are irridescent teal green with a touch of extra fine maroon glitter. Perfect for a winter, snow, or Christmas & Holiday display.

Thanks for Looking!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Halloween - Black Cat Jewelry Box

Click on the title to go directly to the auction listing!

This is the latest piece I've been working on. With any luck I will get it listed for sale tonight! It's a cute vintage jewelry box that plays music. I have painted it up with Halloweenish scenes done in a primitive / fold art style. Black cat, eerie trees, little houses and moons...I just love it!

It was quite fun to work on! When I list it on eBay I will include many more pictures. I will also include the acronym HA31...that's an artist group I belong to. You can search for it and other beautiful pieces by very talented artists using HA31 in you search. You can click my eBay links to go directly to my auctions.
Now off I go to finish cooking baked spaghetti for supper!


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here is my latest Contemporary Abstract painting. It's on ebay now...it ends in a day. I started it at just $1.00 with no reserve. So far, only one bid. Hope some others come along and bid soon! Guess time will tell!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Modern Abstract Paintings

Had to get down and dirty and do some purely abstract art. Got a few in the works...but this one is finished and just listed on Ebay. As usual my pictures don't do it justice...but hey, I never claimed to be a photographer! It's full of yellows, reds, ochres, umbers...with hints of blue, black, and a mossy green. Really earthy! The colors will look richer when it's varnished. They always do. But I have a hard enough time getting half ass good pics without dealing with camera glare.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Go For It...Don't be afraid of your paint!

I love to look at the artwork of others. The different media, techniques, and styles. Being intrigued and thinking..."how did he/she get that effect" or "I wish I could do that". Well, don't be afraid to try it. I'm not saying go right out and try to copy some one's personal style...It won't work! I'm saying simply this...Experiment...Don't be afraid of your paint!
When I was younger I painted with watercolors. I hardly ever work in them now, but have learned to incorporate my watercolor techniques in my acrylic art. Whether it be through washes of wet on wet, to dropping alcohol on a painting...there are no hard rules that I can't because I'm working in acrylics! Don't be afraid to try it. Of course, you may want to practice first if you've never tried a new technique...get to know it a little, get familiar with the action and reaction of what you doing. It's OK to think (paint) "outside the box". But one word of advise...never...I mean NEVER...work on scrap! That experimental project your working on may just turn out to be a masterpiece when done!

So just go for it! If nothing else...I may give you a new appreciation of what you do and the way you do it. Have Fun!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Faux Painted Countertops!!

I watch a lot of those DIY and HGTV shows. Some more than others. I can't quite get into the ones that tell me I need to put in pricey granite counter tops or else my kitchen will look "dated"...or the ones that make over one room in a house and have a $60, 000 dollar budget! Sure, they are great for inspiration at times, but in my world, not at all realistic.

Now for me, Myles of Style, Design on a Dime, Look What I Did....those actually have ideas I can implement on a Budget! Oh, and I can't forget Colorspash! I don't think I've seen anything David has done yet that I didn't love! Probably because of his use of deep rich colors! My favorites by far. Keep the pastels away from me!

Since my house seems to be in a constant state of change...budget friendly ideas are what I need to see. My mom suggested a few weeks ago that I log onto the "Rate My Space" site. I did. WOW! Sooooooo many ideas...and tips...and instructions....all in one place! It was like I was in DIY heaven!

My kitchen counter tops are in need of some love...so, I'd like to share what I found there on budget makeovers for counter tops.

FAUX PAINTING!!! Yes, that's right! You can faux paint your counter tops! Marble, granite...you name it...all those high end looks for pocket change!

I'm not quite ready to start on mine yet...but when I do I will be sure to post pictures. I have so many irons in the fire...I don't dare start another project before finishing the ones I have underway now.

Check these out...some of my inspiration for fauxing countertops!




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